Events Calendar Spring 2024

Fun Runs usually happen on the second Saturday or Sunday of the month and are open to guest riders with a full Irish driving licence. The pace is relaxed, allowing new riders to observe advanced riding in action without feeling under pressure. Guests are welcome, and should Contact us in advance


  • Weekend 13th /14th July: Fun Run
  • Weekend  27th or 28th July: Training Run “Acceleration” – Led by John McDonnell. Route TBA


  • Weekend 10th /11th August: Fun Run
  • Weekend  24th or 25th August: Training Run “Information” – Led by Eoin Fanning. Route TBA


  • Weekend 7th /8th September: Fun Run
  • Weekend  21st or 22nd September: Training Run “Positioning” – Led by Declan McEvoy. Route TBA


  • Sunday 13h October: Fun Run
  • Sunday 27th October: Training Run “Gears” – Led by Mike McGrath & Mark Sutton. Route TBA