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We are a motorcycle group based in the Mid-West of Ireland and are one of 60 local voluntary groups affiliated to RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents).

Our members share a passion for motorcycles and developing their riding knowledge and skills. Why? Because “accidents don’t have to happen”.

About Advanced Riding

Advanced riding isn’t all about increasing your corner speed, learning super-human overtaking skills or pushing your tyres to their limit. It’s focused on making you a safer, more confident rider who is able to identify hazards on the road and react accordingly before they develop into a potentially harmful situation.

Becoming an Advanced Rider

Although not mandatory, we encourage all our members to take the RoSPA RoADAR test and achieve a recognised motorcycle safety certification. All our volunteer group tutors have attained RoSPA Gold standard, followed by additional training to coach other members as they prepare for their RoSPA Advanced Rider test. Many of our members are also volunteer blood bikers or motorcycle marshals.

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