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What is the RoSPA advanced motorcycle test?

The RoSPA advanced motorcycle test is unique as it is graded Bronze, Silver or Gold. A RoSPA gold is the highest civilian driving standard available and the holder will operate at the highest level. The test lasts around 45 to 60 minutes, and is taken with a RoSPA Examiner, many of whom are retired Garda motorcycle instructors.

Why would I want to take the advanced motorcycle test?

The advanced motorcycle test is aimed at riders who wish to develop their riding skills beyond the basics and ride to an advanced level, thus reducing their likelihood of being involved in a crash. Training for the test will benefit any rider who takes their own safety and wellbeing seriously, as well as being concerned for the impact of their riding on other road users and the environment.


Where do I start?

Step 1 – Contact us directly to arrange to join

If you’re based in/around Munster, Ireland, contact us about joining the group. You will be asked to pay a small membership fee, however there is no charge for the training itself (Some expenses may occur for members – the Group will provide details of this).

Note: we’re based in Munster. If  you’re based in the North, midlands or east of the country, we may not be the club for you. There are other groups in Ireland and the UK. To find your nearest RoSPA affiliated group, you should go to  https://www.rospa.com/policy/road-safety/rospa-advanced-drivers-and-riders/join-a-group

Step 2 – Receive your Tutoring through the Group

As a new member, you will be assigned to one of the Group’s tutors as soon as one becomes available. You will then both agree on suitable days/times for tutoring.

Our group tutors are volunteers who have passed RoSPA’s Advanced Test and have also been trained and assessed in instruction. All tutors take re-tests every three years to ensure a consistently high standard of instruction.

You will use your own motorcycle and the tutors will give you advice and guidance throughout. You are free to take as many training sessions as you feel you need.  Our group tutors are aware that everyone learns at their own pace.  We are  volunteers, so training will often take place on evenings and weekends.  Training and guidance will continue for as long as you are a subscribing member of the Group.

Your tutor will advise you when they think you are ready to take your test.


Step 3 – Apply for your Test

Once you are ready to take your test you can apply directly to RoSPA using their online form https://www.rospa.com/shop/products/advanced-driving-riding-test

What does a test involve?

RoSPA provide test guidelines  that you can download before sitting your test.