Club Activities

We ride out every month except December and August. Runs are split into two categories – Training Runs and Fun Runs.

  • Fun Runs are open to invited guests and held on the 4th Saturday or Sunday of the month. A more relaxed pace is the order of the day, allowing new riders to see observe advanced riding in action without any pressure. New members are most welcome and many of our guests go on to join the club.  
  • Training Runs are open to members only and held on the 2nd Saturday or Sunday of the month. The focus is typically on one or more areas of advanced riding, where riders put skills into action on the road. A Group Tutor will lead the run and provide coaching to the group during the day.  

Members come from all walks of life, young & old, boys & girls, miles of experience & just passed their test. We meet on the second Thursday of every month just outside Limerick City.

in 2023, annual membership sub is €30, which goes to cover club expenses and our affiliation to RoSPA. 

The RoSPA Motorcycling Skills Test

Gold, is widely regarded as the highest civilian riding standard available. Gold is only awarded to the rider who shows consistently high standards of riding throughout the test. Re-test every three years.

Silver, is awarded to candidates who display a skill level well above the average. Re-test when you feel you have a better understanding.

Bronze, will be awarded to those candidates who show that they have an understanding of, and the ability to apply, the principles of advanced riding demonstrating a good level of observations and anticipation, but not doing so continuously throughout the test. Re-test when you feel you have achieved a better understanding.

Fail, are candidates who do not reach the Bronze standard will fail the test. Re-test when you feel you have a better understanding.

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