Munster Riders
The RoSPA, Munster Advanced Riders was originally founded by Declan McEvoy from Quin, Co. Clare and Eoin Stephenson from Limerick City in 2010.

The notion of a RoSPA Advanced Rider presence in Munster was initially mooted by Eoin Stephenson and Declan McEvoy in October 2010. This came about from their attendance at the launch meeting of RoSPA IART (Irish Advanced Riders Training) in Dublin earlier that month. They discussed their common aspirations after the meeting and agreed to meet again with a view to forming a RoSPA group within Munster.

Following this, they invited Motorcycling Instructors from the local area to attend a meeting in the Greenhills Hotel in Limerick in November 2010. An initial grouping comprising of eight people went on to form the technical workings of what became RoSPA Munster Advanced Riders (RoSPA MAR) and in 2016 the group were re-named “Munster Riders” Associated with the ROSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders.

The aim was to provide a way for members of the public with a full motorbike licence to be introduced into the world of Advanced Training and Riding. Our members are encouraged to undertake the RoSPA Motorcycling Skills Test.

The RoSPA Motorcycling Skills Test

Gold, is widely regarded as the highest civilian riding standard available. Gold is only awarded to the rider who shows consistently high standards of riding throughout the test. Re-test every three years.

Silver, is awarded to candidates who display a skill level well above the average. Re-test when you feel you have a better understanding.

Bronze, will be awarded to those candidates who show that they have an understanding of, and the ability to apply, the principles of advanced riding demonstrating a good level of observations and anticipation, but not doing so continuously throughout the test. Re-test when you feel you have achieved a better understanding.

Fail, are candidates who do not reach the Bronze standard will fail the test. Re-test when you feel you have a better understanding.

What happens in the Munster Riders on a monthly basis

Each month we get together for Club Meetings, Training Runs and Fun Runs.

The Club Meetings are held once a month on the second Thursday of every month in Alfie’s Bar, Ballycummin, Limerick.

The Training Runs are held on Saturday or Sunday of the second weekend of every month.

The Fun Runs are held on the Saturday or Sunday of the fourth weekend of every month.

All of these arrangements are will be posted on the website/forum calendar.

We currently have a male and female membership of 38 people going year on year.  The Committee take great pride in fulfilling the clubs needs and encourage the members to participate in the running of the Club.

New Members, we would very much like to meet you and welcome you into our club.

You are invited to our training days and your name is voted in at the next Club Meeting as a member.

The AGM is held in March and yearly membership is €25 per person.