In The Beginning

The club was founded in 2010 by Declan McEvoy from Quin, Co. Clare, and Eoin Stephenson from Limerick City in 2010 after they attended the launch meeting of RoSPA IART (Irish Advanced Riders Training) in Dublin that year. Following this, an initial group of eight bikers, including Motorcycling Instructors from the Mid-West region went on to form what became RoSPA Munster Advanced Riders (RoSPA MAR) and in 2016 the group were re-named “Munster Riders” Associated with the ROSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders.

The aim was to provide a pathway for riders who had already passed the driving test to the world of Advanced Riding. Although not mandatory, all our members are encouraged to undertake the RoSPA Motorcycling Skills Test.

Declan and Eoin are both sill active members of our club. Eoin is also a volunteer blood biker and Declan is well known in biking circles, having set a new Guinness World Record for riding the length of the frozen Lake Baikal in Siberia. More recently in 2023, he rode solo on his Honda 250 Rally from Helsinki to the very northern tip of Scandinavia, a distance of over 2,000km.

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